VT - Mystic Nails Classic Stone Hard Cover gel 15ml

VT - Mystic Nails Classic Stone Hard Cover gel 15ml

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  • Zaloga Na zalogi
  15g   40 sec
  2 min   Extra thick
  20 sec   Yes
Also as a base layer No
Suitable for bending Yes
Also cures in LED Yes
Soak-off No
Viscosity Medium
Covering ability Excellent
Curing time (UV) 2 minutes

This is our most dense camouflage gel which literally ensures unlimited time to form and achieve the perfect smile line.

  • does not slip away
  • does not flow away
  • lets forming as long as needed

We recommend this gel to you because:

  • you always want to create the perfect smile line which needs time and this gel gives you the key for your goal
  • its color will suit most of your clients’ skin tone
  • in case you sculpt extreme forms this gel will not even move anywhere despite using it in thick layer
  • can be pinched superbly

TIP: Due to its extremely dense viscosity we recommend to use a thin base (slipping) layer underneath which could help to move the material on the nail to reach the desired form.

Curing times:
UV: 2 min.
LED: 20 sec.
CCFL: 40 sec.


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