VT - Mystic Nails MagnetiColor 03 - Viola 4g

VT - Mystic Nails MagnetiColor 03 - Viola 4g

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Apply a thin layer of the chosen MagnetiColor Gel on the sculpted nail (UV gel or acrylics as well) and cure for 2 minutes in UV light. Apply the second thin layer and before curing put the magnet above the nail approx. 1-1,5 mm close for 2-3 seconds. Cure for 2 minutes in UV light then cover with Glossy Top Gel paying attention on sealing the free edge.

Always stir up before usage but very gently with slow motions in order to avoid bubbles.


In case the magnet is kept for too long time above the nail the effect might vanishes. But no worries in this case you only need to go through the surface with a few brush strokes to “refresh” the color and you can try again with the magnet.


The MagnetiColor Gels can be also used without magnet as their flawless covering ability makes them suitable to decorate mono color nails or even french style. 

Curing times:

UV – 2 minutes
LED – 50 seconds
CCFL – 40 seconds


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